Il Gran Leccese® Pistachio

Il Gran Leccese®, our brand for the unique pasticciotto leccese”, extends its range to satisfy more and more tastes of pasticciotto lovers!

An inimitable and crumbly shortcrust pastry wraps a pistachio cream made with 10% roastedpistachio paste.

Covered on the top with a crunchy and delicious chopped pistachios.

Love for pasticciotto leccese and the pistachio flavor come together in a unique and unforgettabletaste experience.

Lactose Free Products

Lactose intolerance is a condition that, today, affects about 50% of Italians and consists in the body’s inability to completely digest the sugar present in milk and its derivatives due to a deficit of the lactase enzyme, which it can cause more or less annoying symptoms depending on the severityof the intolerance.

Eating lactosefree, however, does not mean eating without taste!

To give our customers a more digestible experience but without sacrificing goodness, taste and quality, we have created the LACTOSE-FREE PRODUCTS for our typical Salento delicatessen!

· Pasticciotto il Gran Leccese® with naturally lactose-free custard, made with vegetal source ingredients;

· Rustico Leccese with Mozzarella, made with béchamel of vegetal source ingredients and mozzarella lactose-free.

All the flavor of typical products, but more digestibility!