SINCE 1974

From the hard-working hands of Michele Branca, to the constant search for perfection for quality and raw materials used, to the growth of the small artisan workshop, up to a company with over 20 employees and a semi-automated and certified production plant.



Story of a passion

Our story began in 1974 when Michele Branca decided to follow his passion and embark on the road to become a renowned artisan pastry-chef. A desire and dedication that has been transmitted to his three children: a natural evolution that led to the birth of the Branca company in the year 2000, through setting up a small artisan production laboratory to satisfy, with a far-sighted eye, the needs of the frozen pastry market.

Our customers’ satisfaction allowed us to continuously grow and improve, and, in 2015, the company was able to transfer its production to a new factory within the reach of market demands.

Good, Typical
High Quality

We have passion and dedication for our work. Since 2000 our purpose is to offer high quality products, scrupulously researching the best raw materials, making use of the best European partners, and at the same time ensuring continuity with the local gastronomic tradition.

We are specialized in ready to bake products, sweet and salty, especially typical products of the Apulian territory, such as Pasticciotto Leccese, Cornetto Salentino and Rustico Leccese.


& Innovation

Oggi Branca rappresenta un brand rinomato non solo nel territorio salentino ma in tutta la penisola e anche all’estero, grazie principalmente all’offerta e alla bontà unica dei suoi prodotti tipici.

Today Branca represents a renowned brand not only in the Salento area but throughout Italy and also abroad, thanks mainly to the offer and the unique goodness of its typical products.

From a small laboratory to a full-fledged company: we have more than 20 employees and a semi-automated production plant (over 1500 square meters), following the ISO 9001: 2015 standards.




Organization Certified by KIWA CERMET according to
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards